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Sneak Peek

Nathanbear a posted Jul 29, 13

Just an update:

Nathanbear a posted Jun 16, 13
Just to post an update, I have let the payments lapse on the server for now. I don't think its necessary to pay for a service that is not being used (since we are waiting to update to 1.6). I will post here when the server goes back up. If you want a pm when that occurs, just send me a pm and I will make sure it is sent out to you when it happens.
Freebee So were just waiting for 1.6 now to rejoin and Begin a whole new journey ohhhhh Jeepers I'm excited ...

Server Update(s)

Nathanbear a posted May 27, 13
So as it stands now we cannot update the server to 1.5.2. In order to update we would also have to update Biomes o Plenty (which would require that we restart the world). While we could easily move everyones' belongings to the new world we simply won't update. The reason being that 1.6 will launch soon (not sure on a timeframe, but I doubt its far off) and when that happens it will ALSO require a restart. So I do not wish to wipe the slate clean twice within a short time on you all.

So for now, we will stick with 1.5.1 (the 1.5.2 update isn't anything major). Obviously this means we cannot update mo'creatures either, which is disappointing. If it is requested by enough players though I can go ahead and do the map restart(s) but I leave that up to you (the server).

To vote on whether or not you wish to update now (and have two wipes) look for the thread titled "VOTE" in general discussion.

Freebee 1.6 was said to launched out last month, so it should be very soon, im curious though. whats happening with the new mob. ...
Ashleypikachu1 Is there anyway to change your vote I accidentally hit yes...

Player Shops!

Nathanbear a posted May 20, 13
Since our server will rely on private player owned shops (IE: trade sign tutorial on forums) I am going to add the option of having a warp created to your shop! What this means is that players will be able to warp to a general peaceful location similar to the server shop. From there, there will be warp signs that will teleport the player to the individual shop.

There will of course be some stipulations regarding have a teleport made to your shop.

1. You cannot grief players who port to your shop. IE: No putting lava down to kill them or trap them etc. If this occurs your warp will be removed and you will receive a penalty based on what the moderator feels is fair.

2. The area must be enclosed within your faction. This will prevent players from leaving the shop area (if they are not in your faction) and running around.

3. You cannot demand players leaves your shop area.

4. There will only be ONE port per player. You can make it to your individual shop, or you can make it to a shopping "center" - that is your choice.

To request a teleport be made, speak to Nathanbear in game. If the criteria are met, it will be created.

As always, have fun and if you have problems send me a pm!
Nathanbear a Player shops will be wherever they desire them to be, however there will be a general server location that will enabled ...
Freebee So where are you going to be posing the player shops? at spawn or at the actual shop you made. or a whole new warp room? ...

Back to work!

Nathanbear a posted May 10, 13
The world has officially been transferred to the "default" rather than Creatura. The old world is no longer accessible, but at the same time due to some technical problems (LWC and Essentials cant view the name change from Creatura to Default) all the locks as well as teleports were lost.

When you log on again, make sure to FIX YOUR CHEST LOCKS

Its annoying, I understand, but this was the only way for us to be able to properly use the nether, end, wyvernworld, as well as the promised land. And eventually it will let us access the twilight forest. Now when you use a nether portal and go back through it, it will take you back to the previous location (instead of the wrong world) etc.

Edit** Teleports were fixed (don't ask, was a pain to do it manually), if there are any issues with your sethome locations let me know. Faction homes need to be reset still though.
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